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Goutte à goutte de la bouteille

Cosmetic and perfume concept laboratory

French made

ISO Ecocert Cosmebio qualities

Cosmétique naturel

A French know-how

Certified Expert in Formulation, Manufacturing and Packaging of Skincare and Fragrance

With its   experience of more than 20 years, the company has been able to offer the quality required by the cosmetics and perfumes industry.

We ensure the design, manufacture and packaging of cosmetic products (cream, gel, shampoo, bubble bath, gel  douche, essential oil) and alcoholic products (perfume, eau de toilette), l labeling, crimping, batching and packaging or cellophane wrapping. The company is equipped with a fleet of automatic and semi-automatic chains allowing   to increase productivity and guarantee quality service.

Our areas of expertise


Research and Development Laboratory

Innovation | Formulation | Quality | Regulatory


Manufacturing, packaging and conditioning

Adaptable standard | Personalization |

Cosmetic packaging and case | Filling and Shipping



Alcoholization |
Frosting | Filtering | Conditioning

Our certificates

The Ecocert label

Ecocert is a control and certification organization founded in France in 1991. Ecocert was the very first  certification organization to develop a standard for "Ecological and organic cosmetics" in 2002. Today Ecocert is one of the best-known labels in the field of standardization of natural cosmetic products. It enjoys   high confidence, due to the rigorous testing and strict certifications it conducts on the products tested. Ecocert certified products must respect the following fundamental criteria: The raw materials must come from renewable resources, and must be treated in a gentle and ecological manner. The absence of GMOs, parabens,  phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, synthetic fragrances and dyes, ingredients from animals (except  produced naturally by them : milk, honey, etc.). 95% minimum of the total ingredients of the formula must be of  natural origin. The biodegradable or recyclable character of the packaging.


The cosmetics of tomorrow

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Le Broc Center
06516 Carros - France


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